Rose Hips Information

Rose Hips Information
Rose Hips Information

Rose hips form rose bushes after Rose has faded away. A rose hip looks like a small red berries. Many people died head faded roses to encourage more blooms but this will stop the production of rosehip if you try to grow your own
Rose hips are very high in vitamin C iron vitamin A and calcium and contains good levels of vitamin E manganese and B vitamins. You can use them for baking and health supplements.
Gail Butler describes how to make jelly syrup and soup in Lay Rose Hips for health. “The creamy soup recipe is Swedish and use sour cream or yogurt.
Growers dry rose hips and seal them in tea bags or simply brew several hips in boiling water for ten minutes. This tea has a rich woodsy flavor and can be sweetened as other tea with sugar or honey. Vitamin C content makes this tea great for colds and sore throat.
Do not remove the old rose blooms from roses. Wait for rose hips form.
Spread rose hips out on a cookie sheet and dry naturally over several weeks or dry in the oven. You can actually use them fresh but dried rose hips preserving them for use all year round.”

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