How To Quit Smoking With Little Weight Gain

How To Quit Smoking With Little Weight Gain
How To Quit Smoking With Little Weight Gain

You do not gain weight when you stop smoking. So do not let get some weight worry. In the beginning it is natural to get a few pounds. The metabolism changes when you stop smoking but then your metabolism will return to where it is supposed to be soon and you do not put on pounds. The hungry feeling will not last forever. It is so beneficial to quit smoking as getting a few pounds is a small price to pay. Your body will begin the process of repairing all the damage done it right after you stop smoking.
You need:
willingness to quit smoking
. training plan.
fruits and vegetables.

– 1 –
Create a training plan stick to it. Get more excerise everyday. First start going everywhere you possibly can. If you can go to the store instead of driving to do it. Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Walking the dog is a nice way to train for you and your pet. Swimming is a good way to get trim in summer. Do some gardening for excerise and relaxation.

– 2 –
Eat healthier snacks and meals. You will be hungry more often when you stop smoking. When you want a bite to eat fruits nuts and vegetables that are prepared in advance. Store them in the refrigerator for quick superfluous. This will also keep your hands and mouth busy. Your plate should have many vegetables on it at mealtime.

– 3 –
Be sure to drink plenty of water. The water fills you up and keeps you hydrated. Drinking sugarless drinks are ok as long as it is not the only thing you drink. Water is much better for you than anything else. Limit alcohol intake as it is sugar in alcoholic beverages.

– 4 –
Throw away anything that will remind you of smoking as old cigerettes lighters and ashtrays. Wash curtains blankets pillows and anything else that has a smoke smell to it.

– 5 –
If you need counseling to help you not to smoke is a good thing to go to. Many need some help. There are organizations out there to help many are free. Talk to your friends and family get their support. They care about you and will give you encouragement.

Tips and Warnings

Check with your doctor before you stop smoking
Stopping cold turkey can be hard on your health
Smoking can take 15 years off a woman’s life
Smoking is the leading cause of stroke
Smoking can cause lung cancer
Secondhand smoke can cause asthma in children and adults
Nicotine is highly addictive

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