A 1 200-calorie Diet

A 1	200-calorie Diet
A 1 200-calorie Diet

A 1 200-calorie diet can be followed by both men and women who want to lose weight gradually. There are no specific foods that may or may not be eaten. The aim is that calories to be consumed in one day not to exceed 1 200 calories. Of course eating healthy foods such as fruits vegetables and whole grains are recommended as well as drinking plenty of water and exercising daily
For breakfast a healthy meal consisting of a cup of bran cereal like Kellogg’s or Post Bran Flakes with a cup of skim milk and a banana. A breakfast consisting of healthy cereal milk and fruit that this amounts to around 280 calories. Alternatively you can also have a grapefruit with a bran muffin and skim milk.
A healthy lunch consisting of a sandwich as tuna with whole-grain bread and a teaspoon of low-fat mayonnaise. It should also include two cups of raw vegetables such as carrots celery or peppers. In addition you can have one small apple or an orange. This lunch represents approximately 435 calories. Other healthy sandwiches would be lean turkey breast or smoked salmon.
afternoon Snack
To help you stay full until dinner you can have a light meal in the afternoon as a nectarine or 2/3 of a banana. This will only equals about 65 calories. Other options would be a piece of raisin bread a cup of strawberries or a cup papaya. You can always drink water with a slice of lemon too.
Your last full meal should consist of about three ounces. grilled chicken breast a salad with 3/4 cup of steamed green beans a cup of salad ½ cup cherry tomatoes and ½ cup grated carrots. For dressing you can mix two teaspoons. olive oil and two teaspoons. balsamic vinegar. In addition you can add a fresh peach a plum or 10 grapes to the meal. This amounts to 440 calories. An alternative to grilled chicken would be three grams salmon tilapia or broiled halibut or 2. 3-oz. lamb chop.

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