1500 Calorie Meal Plan

1500 Calorie Meal Plan
1500 Calorie Meal Plan

Calorie counts need not be boring or dull when food choices are delicious and flavorful. By enjoying fiber-rich low-calorie meals with planned snacks avoid midday hunger pangs that often lead to overeating. Sticking to a 1 500-calorie daily plan requires thought and make wise choices
plan Ahead
Find a comprehensive calorie charts. The USDA’s MyPyramid website features dietary guides you to access and charts. You can set up your own plan and track your success. Make a weekly menu and stick to it. Using dietary guide add plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables whole grains low-fat meat fat-free milk and other healthy delicious foods on the list.

If desserts are a big part of your normal daily calorie intake find reduced calorie versions or replace fruit. An occasional extravagant dessert can be added to your calorie budget but the key is occasional not daily.
Shop wisely
Make a list of what you need for your weekly menu. Stock up on fresh produce neatly trimmed meat seafood whole grain bread fiber-rich cereals and snack items like little popcorn yogurt and fruit. Read labels check the serving size fat calories sodium and total calories. For the lunch box choose low-fat deli meats. Many turkey-based products are much lower in fat sodium and calories. Keep away from highly processed foods such as biscuits snack foods and foods high in sugar and white. Use fat-free milk and reduced fat butter-like spreads. Keep empty-calorie snacks out in the kitchen away from your lips and hips.
Cook for success
Learning which herbs and spices best compliment your foods will greatly enhance homemade food. Avoid adding saturated fat. MyPyramid suggests olive oil canola and other healthier alternatives within limits of course. Learn to substitute whole grain fiber-full foods for filler in meatloaf or coating for chicken and fish.
A 1500 Calorie Daily Menu
1 cup whole-grain cereals (110)
1 cup fat-free milk (85)
1 slice of whole grain toast with reduced-sugar fruit spread (85)

fat-free yogurt and fruit (80)

Whole wheat low -Cala bun (100)
a cheese slice (100)
3 thin slices deli turkey (up to 100) (little ketchup mustard or light mayonnaise) (30)
1/2 cup broccoli slaw with light dressing (50)
8 carrot sticks (25)
Ice water sugar free iced tea or coffee

2 whole celery 1 tsp. peanut butter (125)

Mixed salad with tomatoes red and green pepper slices olives (other vegetables as desired) raisins and small pieces of blue cheese (200)
1 tsp. calorie dressing (45)
Grilled salmon fillet with light brushing of olive oil (155)
1 cup steamed green beans with almond slivers (100)

2 cups small popcorn (70)

TOTAL: 1460 calories

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