How To Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism

How To Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism
How To Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism

For some people gaining weight is near impossible. You wake up and eat go to work and eat come home and eat and keep the same weight. The simple solution is that you need to eat more. The equation for gaining weight is: calories eaten must be greater than calories burned. If you’re staying in that equation you will gain weight

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Your first step is to find out how many calories you burn each day. You can use the Daily Needs Calorie Calculator. Remember that this calculator provides an estimate. It takes a week or two for you to get a better number. After you’ve used the calculator 500 more calories than you burn each day. For example if the calculator estimates you burn 2 000 calories per day you must eat at least 2 500 calories to gain weight.

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So now we come to the main problem. If you eat 500 calories of what you burn each day and still have not gained weight during the first week then the calculator underestimated your metabolic rate. Everyone is different and some people have a faster metabolism than others. The solution is to eat more. Try adding 200-300 more calories each day and check again at the end of the week if the weight has changed.

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You may need to repeat the above step for a couple of weeks before you start to gain weight. You can also make a big step up in calories (example: going up 1 000 calories instead of 500 during the first week). This will help you gain weight faster but you risk getting more fat stores than muscle weight. This should not be too big of a concern if you’re the type who has trouble gaining weight (since you probably have a pretty fast metabolism).

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Do not use the excuse to have a fast metabolism to eat any food you want. Even thin people can get sick of eating the wrong kind of food. You will fill your diet with healthy foods such as complex carbohydrates (brown rice whole wheat bread fruit and vegetables) unsaturated fats (mainly vegetable sources like oils nuts and veggie spread) and lean sources of protein (fish eggs poultry and some cuts of beef). Since you are trying to gain weight do not be afraid to occasionally consume some junk food”.

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Remember that gaining weight takes time. You must comply with calorie intake. Its be easy to skip a meal but when you burn calories from training on top of a fast metabolism that a meal can be the difference between gaining and losing weight.
You can get more help by reading and add to your diet and exercise forums that are linked below.”

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