Healthy Eating At Hardee’s

Healthy Eating At Hardee’s
Healthy Eating At Hardee’s

Fast food helps busy people eat breakfast lunch or dinner on a regular basis. Unfortunately the food choices are not always the best. By choosing low calorie food and diet drinks or water eat healthy at a fast food restaurant is possible. Hardee’s is known for its Thickburgers but you can still enjoy a low calorie breakfast lunch or dinner at Hardee’s

Avoid breakfast sandwiches with lots of meat cheese and eggs. These foods are high in calories and fat. Do not be fooled by the low carb breakfast choices. This option is low in carbohydrate but high in calories and fat. The cinnamon raisin biscuits are a better choice and are lower in both calories and fat than the low carb option. Add a low calorie healthy drink such as milk or orange juice.

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Order a regular hamburger for lunch. Hardee’s offers a low carb burger but it has more calories and more fat grams than usual burger. You can take the bun of the regular burger to reduce calories and carbohydrates. Complete healthy meal with a diet soda or water.

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Enjoy dinner at Hardee’s with its Southwestern Chicken Salad. Order this meal with charbroiled chicken and no tortilla bowl. Eat salad with a diet soda water or tea.

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Satisfy your children with a chicken strips kids meal. This meal comes with a small order of fries and drink. Order the natural fries instead of curly because they have less fat and calories. Substitute milk for sodas and not add dipping sauce for chicken. These choices help children eat a healthier meal.

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Treat dessert at Hardee’s with an apple turnover or blueberry biscuits. These sweet treats the least calories and fat. Avoid adding a milkshake which is higher in calories than some of the other desserts and eating treat with milk.

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