15 Foods That Help Burn Fat

15 Foods That Help Burn Fat
15 Foods That Help Burn Fat

While there is no such thing as a food that makes you lose weight there are those who can do more for your dieting efforts than simply not add fat. Low fat high fiber foods help promote weight loss by increasing metabolism as they require more energy to break down. Cravings for unhealthy junk food are easier to resist on a full stomach. By creating a weight loss plan that incorporates foods listed below please fill in the fat-busters and shed your unhealthy pounds without hunger
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1. Apple is not just to keep the doctor away. When eaten regularly they keep fat away too. A single apple raises blood sugar to a healthy level and keeps it elevated longer than other types of fruit helps you feel satisfied longer.
2. Grapefruits are filled with a substance known as galacturonic acid that breaks down fat and cholesterol. Each juicy fruit has only 75 calories on average but gives 15 g pectin fiber which takes a lot of energy to digest.
3. Berries are also a good source of pectin. British research shows this fruit fiber encourages tissues to release fat from their cells by interfering with the ability of nearby areas to absorb calories.
4. Melons offer you a winning combination of taste nutrition and low calories. Sweet enough to combat a sugar craving melons are also high in insoluble fiber vitamin A and vitamin C.
5. Pineapple is a popular tropical fruit that just happens to contain the chemical compound bromelain. This particular enzyme increases the rate at which the body is unable to process protein which gives you more energy.
6. Spinach is a good choice for your salad bowl. This dark leafy green is not only packed with iron it also contains beta-carotene to reduce cholesterol and vitamin E is beneficial for skin and hair.
7. Broccoli has only 44 calories per cup and are loaded with dietary fiber and calcium. In addition broccoli chemicals known as indoles which may function as possible cancer-preventing compounds.

8. Asparagus promotes the breakdown of fat cells. Low calorie but high in nutrients causes the intake of asparagus spears a flushing” effect which aids in the removal of grease deposits from tissue.
9. Cabbage contains substances that stimulate the kidneys cleansing waste substances from the body and remove fat cells in the process. And by eating a single serving each week you effectively reduce the risk of colon cancer.
10. Sweet potatoes are both filling and fat-free. They are a great source of vitamin A dietary fiber and disease fighting anti-oxidants. As an added bonus they are delicious
Whole Grains
11. Oats are a fantastic source of oat bran. A well-known cholesterol reduction a recent study at the University of Kentucky suggests adding a single daily cup of oatmeal for breakfast menu can boost the results of your weight loss plan.

12. Barley is a low fat high fiber alternative to traditional whole grains. It contains protein and can lower cholesterol and help fight cancer. Furthermore barley cure most cases of constipation which is also beneficial to dieters.
13. Beans are not musical or they are a fruit. However they are an excellent source of vegetable protein. Combined with a whole grain you can get the same quality protein found in lean meat but with much less fat.
14. Soy products like tofu and soy milk are rich in lecithin. This particular chemical inhibits the absorption of fat while encouraging the breakdown of fat tissue.
15. Fish may be higher in fat than chicken but it is the healthy unsaturated variety. Seafood also happens to be a terrific source of omega-3 fatty acids substances that help you shed unwanted pounds while reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

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