Perfect Diet For Blood Pressure

Perfect Diet For Blood Pressure
Perfect Diet For Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is important because it matches the rest and active heart rates and pressure of blood against artery walls. If a person’s blood pressure is too high it can cause health problems such as kidney failure heart attack stroke and other medical complications. Problems with blood pressure should be closely monitored and a doctor may recommend a change in diet to level your blood pressure
DASH Diet for High Blood Pressure
The primary diet for blood pressure called DASH or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension attributed to Dr. Thomas Moore senior author and director of DASH for Health who has studied the effects of food and salt intake on blood pressure in over 20 years. The DASH diet is a focused eating plan that considers various aspects of nutrition resulting in a diet that is low in sodium saturated fat and cholesterol. The DASH diet is a nutritious eating plan that focuses on including foods from different food groups and daily physical activity to make a healthy change in blood pressure.
Sodium Consumption
The DASH diet limits sodium intake. Many people use too much salt in the diet and their bodies are able to handle it creating a change in blood pressure. The DASH diet limits sodium intake to between 1500 to 2300 mg per day. Salt occurs naturally in many foods that we consume but people continue to add salt.
Some people who suffer from hypertension have low mineral levels. Although there are benefits to taking supplements and vitamins it is important to eat nutritious foods for lowering blood pressure. The DASH diet eating plan outlines servings and serving sizes such as four to five servings of fruits and vegetables and two to three servings of lean meat poultry and fish. Whole grains are recommended to increase the amount of fiber in your diet. By following the diet and serving sizes it emerges a pattern of nutrients that contain protein fiber potassium magnesium and calcium.
daily servings
daily servings and portion sizes are clearly described in the DASH diet based on calorie intake (see link under References below). After the food and serving policy helps people who struggle with weight stay within the guidelines caloric while eating a balanced diet low in fat and calories.
Fiber is often lacking in alot on regular basis. The DASH diet recommends a high amount of fruits vegetables and whole grains that all include large amounts of fiber. High fiber foods are often lower in sodium so the DASH diet should make the transition from high to low sodium diet lightweight
The DASH diet does more than focus on nutrition ;. It also includes training as a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. If your blood pressure is elevated it is important to talk with your doctor about to engage in daily physical exercise. A doctor can recommend activities may be appropriate based on blood pressure and could monitor you to make sure there are no unhealthy changes in blood pressure. Thirty minutes of exercise each day plus dietary changes can make it possible to keep you out of medication. The main part of the exercise is to work it into a daily routine.

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