Diet Metabolism And Thyroid Problems

Diet Metabolism And Thyroid Problems
Diet Metabolism And Thyroid Problems

Thyroid problems can affect other areas your mental and physical being including metabolism. Consuming a healthy well-rounded diet is important to stay healthy and lose weight or maintain a healthy weight
The Zone Diet
The Zone Diet teaches you how to balance your meals around specific parts of different types of food which usually leads to weight loss or stability. A third of your plate contains lean protein such as skinless chicken or fish. The rest should be filled with fruits and vegetables with just a hint of monounsaturated fats like olive oil. Trans-fats and carbohydrates are discouraged.
The Atkins Diet
The Atkins Diet or Eco-Atkins Diet is successful for many thyroid patients because of low-carbohydrate high-protein approach. Besides helping you lose weight you may find that cholesterol is lowered too. Slow and steady weight loss is typical and healthy weight can be maintained well. The Atkins Diet also promotes eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.
healthy diets
Any diet that you follow will help you lose or maintain weight despite thyroid and metabolism problems if you keep your carbohydrate intake to an absolute minimum. Carbohydrates such as bread and pasta slow metabolism making it almost impossible to lose weight when the thyroid is not functioning properly. Consult your physician before beginning any new diets or supplements especially if you have other conditions.

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