How To Recognize Side Effects Of Coq10 Supplements

How To Recognize Side Effects Of Coq10 Supplements
How To Recognize Side Effects Of Coq10 Supplements

Among vitamins and supplements CoQ10 is one of the most recommended in recent times. According to the Mayo Clinic website CoQ10 is a naturally occurring substance produced in the body. CoQ10 helps cells function effectively. As we age the body’s ability to produce enough CoQ10 declines. Some prescription medications interfere with CoQ10 production and some diseases such as Parkinson’s and others can also interfere with the production of CoQ10. Many holistic doctors nutritionists and naturopaths recommend vitamins and supplements like CoQ10 for better health. Like most supplements CoQ10 is not without side effects. Although generally considered safe some people have reactions to it. To recognize the signs and symptoms of CoQ10 supplement reactions
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CoQ10 supplements

– 1 –
Start with the lowest dose of Q10. . possible. This will make side effects small and easier to recognize.

– 2 –
Listen to your heart rate. Some reported side effects include racing heart palpitations or shortness of breath. If this happens suddenly or is severe go to the nearest emergency room or call your doctor.

– 3 –
Mild side effects are nausea and heart burn. Recognizing heart burn like a burning sensation in the chest often on top of the chest and in the middle of the chest. Do not continue to take CoQ10 supplements if the effects are serious.

– 4 –
Dizziness is a side effect met often when taking the supplement CoQ10. If you feel dizzy sit with your head between your knees and take a few moments to dizziness passes. Never drive or operate machinery if you feel dizzy.

Tips and Warnings

CoQ10 may lower blood sugar levels. It is not safe for diabetics unless prescribed by a doctor or under a doctor’s supervision.
Any sudden chest pain can be a heart attack and should be checked out immediately by the emergency.

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