How To Profit From Vitamin C.

How To Profit From Vitamin C.
How To Profit From Vitamin C.

Although human bodies require a steady combination of necessary vitamins for sustainable health certain vitamins depleted faster than others and must be renewed frequently. While most synthetic vitamins should only be taken in recommended doses some may be taken in large quantities to provide extra protection against disease. Gain from vitamin C by taking more than the daily recommended amount and promote their own health

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Go to the doctor for a checkup or physical before embarking on any dietary changes. Decide with your doctor if you are healthy and should take vitamin supplements or eat more foods containing vitamin C.

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Ask your doctor to recommend favorite brands of synthetic vitamin C and to help you decide if you should take a supplement that also contains other vitamins and minerals. Find out what the recommended dosage is safe for other vitamins before taking a combination supplement. Know that calcium and magnesium for example increasing vitamin C activity in the body.

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Inquire about the best types of foods you can eat that contain vitamin C. Gain from vitamin C by eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables if you do not want to rely on supplements. Strategy doctor best diet combining nutritious foods and supplements.

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Benefit of vitamin C in several ways. Increase collagen and strengthen connective tissue in your body. Protects the body against viruses and bacterial infections by strengthening the immune system. Gains on vitamin C that can promote healthy gums reduce cholesterol fight against chemical damage to blood vessels and stave off the effects of aging. Boost adrenal function and regulate sex hormones.

– 5 –
Discover interesting foods such as acereola cherries and rose hips (rosebud berries) which offers the richest sources of vitamin C. Consume various types of citrus fruit every day to maintain healthy vitamin C levels as oranges apples cranberries grapes and bananas. Know that larger amounts of vitamin C is in fresh chilled and frozen juice compared to canned juice.
Eat plenty of vegetables such as green peppers potatoes broccoli and parsley to gain from vitamin C. Realize that cooking causes food to lose 50% to 55% of their vitamin C and cooking with iron or copper utensils increases vitamin loss.
Take in even greater amounts of vitamin C if you smoke cigarettes drink alcohol or use medical marijuana or illegal drugs such as cocaine. Remember that aspirin causes elimination of vitamin C and pills cause vitamin C deficiency
Fight colds and other airborne diseases . . Increase energy levels and stamina even shield against cancer atherosclerosis and heart disease with vitamin C.

Tips and Warnings

Remember that vitamins work together to protect and maintain the body’s health.
Check with your doctor about possible side effects of vitamin C especially if you are diabetic or are on a fixed low sodium diet. Avoid vitamin C if you have an irregular heartbeat or have had ulcers are on medication for alcoholism or being treated for infertility.
Go to the doctor or hospital immediately if you suspect you or a loved one has viral meningitis or Reye syndrome that vitamin C can trick the body’s defenses and allow a suppressed virus to linger. Look for symptoms such as extreme headache vomiting and fever.

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