How To Lose Weight Cardio Regimen

How To Lose Weight Cardio Regimen
How To Lose Weight Cardio Regimen

The Cardio Free Diet is an exercise and eating plan that has been featured on several talk shows including Good Morning America. The Cardio Free Diet was developed by fitness expert Jim Karas and has some controversial components to it. Despite the controversy surrounding it many people have lost weight on the diet

– 1 –
Stop cardiovascular exercise. Karas claims that people have gone on losing weight the wrong way for decades. Cardio training says Karas just makes you hungry and leads to overeating.

– 2 –
Begin strength training instead. Karas recommends that you perform circuit training at least three days a week.

– 3 –
Follow the four phases. Each phase of the Cardio Free Diet lasts two weeks and you eat about three meals a day and two snacks. In the first phase you eat 1 200 calories if you are female and 1 500 if you’re a man. As you move on to the other phases add more calories to your meals.

– 4 –
Eliminate bread soda butter high fat dairy products and processed foods from your diet. Meals will consist of lean proteins fruits egg whites yogurt tuna and tomatoes.

– 5 –
Snack on nuts and cheese. Snacks on Cardio Free Diet should be low fat. Popular choices are peanuts string cheese and cottage cheese.

Tips and Warnings

Some experts argue that these Cardio Free Diet is dangerous. Many doctors recommend doing at least 30 minutes of moderate cardio exercise every day.
Cardio Free Diet will not work for vegetarians. Most meals on diet include some kind of meat or fish.

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