Very Low Fiber Food For Breakfast

Very Low Fiber Food For Breakfast
Very Low Fiber Food For Breakfast

Fiber keeps you regular fights bad cholesterol and helps you maintain a healthy weight. However some people need to monitor their fiber intake so they do not spend too much. Many foods are low in fiber. Regarding your first meal of the day most popular breakfast items have very low fiber content.
Doughnuts have an extremely low amount of fiber if any at all. Most donuts are white flour-based dough fried or baked you will not find fiber in them not to mention minimal nutritional content. Doughnuts are high in calories saturated fat and sodium and low in essential vitamins and fiber (less than 1 g per serving).
The egg is often a common breakfast food because it is relatively inexpensive pretty healthy and you can make it a variety of ways. An egg contains essential vitamins and minerals healthy omega-3 fatty acids and protein. If you need to look at fiber intake the egg is a good choice because it does not contain fiber.
Unless you bake your own muffins and knows the ingredients most store or restaurant muffins are probably low in fiber. Ones containing blueberries or cranberries or whole wheat flour may have small amounts of fiber. A 4 oz. Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip muffins 13 g fat 230 calories and less than 1 g fiber.
Many choose breakfast meat with pancakes or omelets. Typical breakfast meats include Canadian bacon ham and sausage. These meats are high in protein but have no fiber although they are healthier alternatives made with turkey or grown naturally. Hillshire Farms country smoked bacon has 0 g fiber.
pancakes or waffles
If you create your own batter from scratch with whole wheat flour you may be able to add fiber to pancakes or waffles. However most pancakes and waffles in the frozen section of the grocery store or at restaurants contain fiber. An IHOP buttermilk pancake for example has 110 calories 450 mg sodium and 0 g fiber.
Although many cereals tout whole grains and fiber on their labels many of the popular cereal does not provide much fiber. Kellog’s Special K cereal promoted as a staple of a healthy weight loss plan is low in calories and fiber with only 1g per serving.

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