How To Drink Enough Water Every Day

How To Drink Enough Water Every Day
How To Drink Enough Water Every Day

Drinking enough water is a key part of improving general health. Staying properly hydrated can help you burn fat burn think more clearly and feel more active. While it is often suggested that adults drink 8 to 10 eight-ounce glasses of water every day people who are active live in warm climates or are overweight need more water so follow these tips to ensure you get the hydration you need
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Start your day with a glass of water and drink a glass at each meal. Although most people do not think of water as a morning drink it will update you and you wake up and the meals are a perfect time for a glass of water even if you drink another drink also.

– 2 –
Carry a bottle to be filled during the day and drink from it at work in transit and when you take breaks. Notes how many times you fill it.

– 3 –
Hold purified cold water on hand at home to drink when you are relaxing and doing chores. Water is filtered tastes better and you can freeze lemon slices to use instead of ice cubes for extra flavor.

– 4 –
Stay hydrated before during and after exercise or activity. Even if you just go for a walk drink a glass before and after you go take a bottle with you and make sure you drink all of it before returning.

– 5 –

Add glass of water into your daily routine of important fixed points. For example drink a glass of water for brushing your teeth or walking your dog. You could fit a glass of water after everything you do on a daily basis to make it part of your daily routine.
Include other beverages in your assessment of what is water. Other beverages can help you reach your daily target for water consumption teas soft drinks powdered drink mixes that goes in water and milk is water based and will hydrate you. Juice also has water in it but you can get even more water by drinking a glass of half juice and half water.
Eat foods that contain lots of water. Melons lettuce tomato celery and many other fruits and vegetables consist mainly of water. Approximately 20% of the average person’s daily water intake comes from food so look for foods that are succulent.
When you are hungry for junk food drink a glass of water first. You get more water and curb your appetite.
When you’re out with friends and people drinking alcohol drinking as much water as you make beer or wine.

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