How To Switch To Whole-grain Foods

How To Switch To Whole-grain Foods
How To Switch To Whole-grain Foods

Wholegrain with its high fiber high nutritional value and high good” complex carbohydrates contained in them are a wonderful source of energy and fills.
Change your products to whole-grain varieties by following these simple steps:
You need:

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Instead of white bread look for 100% whole wheat bread. . ! Look at the labels carefully to be sure is the bread you want truly 100% whole grain
Instead of refined glue -. . Look for pasta made with about 50% of whole grains such as their taste and texture are more comfortable when 100% whole grain varieties.
instead of white rice -. . use slow-cooking brown rice
Instead of oatmeal-eating steal cut oats

Tips and Warnings

Remember that people who eat whole grain products on a regular basis tend to weigh less than people who do not.
Remember to drink lots of water and caffeine-free herbal tea or green tea to help digestions of increased fiber.
Increase fiber intake gradually to avoid being inflated.
Goals for processed carbohydrate foods with a 3 to 5 grams of fiber.
Be more active! Changes in eating habits are wonderful but must go hand in hand with a change towards a more active lifestyle! It’s easy to get moving go out and have fun!”

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