Fast Food For Diabetics

Fast Food For Diabetics
Fast Food For Diabetics

Navigation in the fast-food world can be a confusing journey especially for diabetics who must be careful about what they eat. By knowing their limitations diet but diabetics can find menu options at fast-food chains such as covering some of their services for people with special dietary needs
Doctors recommend that carbohydrate intake per meal be about 30 grams or not more than 45 per cent to 65 per cent of the total daily caloric intake. Eating an abundance of carbohydrates can cause weight gain. Carbohydrates can also increase blood sugar which is dangerous for diabetics.
breakfast options
Select breakfast items including sausage eggs and cheese. Limit your intake of biscuits croissants muffins and pancakes. A sausage egg and cheese biscuit contains about 30 grams of carbohydrates so it may be a safe option as long as you limit it to one serving. Add egg and cheese for breakfast sandwich meal can add extra protein without adding many carbohydrates.

Some fast-food restaurants serve vanilla yogurt with fruit which is a healthier option than sandwich meal. Select parfaits containing more yogurt than fruit and to keep the carbohydrate count of less than 30 grams request parfait with granola.
Salad is good choice for diabetics when eating out. Most fast-food restaurants offer quite varied but finding the healthiest option choose salads that have grilled meat or no meat. Also avoid salads containing deep-fried meat.

Choose salad dressings that have minimal carbohydrates. Regular dressings like ranch and blue cheese actually contain less carbohydrates than their low-fat counterparts. Be sure to include carbohydrates from salad dressings in the total carbohydrate count for the meal.
sandwich Wraps
Many fast-food places offer their sandwich creations like tortilla wraps. By ditching bun and cut down on bread carbohydrates wraps these often have half the carbohydrate count as traditional sandwiches.
Small hamburgers that those who come in the child parts is also a good option for diabetics. No need to buy a kid’s meal; hamburgers on small bowls should be available individually. Also opt for whole wheat buns if available. Double meat or extra bacon is ok as long as you do not need to monitor cholesterol and fat intake.
Mexican Fast Food
Enjoy Mexican fast food in moderation while choosing foods with high amounts of protein. The best protein choices are foods with beef chicken or refried beans. Avoid tacos burritos or containing rice. Taco salads are OK as long as you do not eat most of the shell. Taco shells are usually made of corn flour which is high in carbohydrates.
Things to avoid
Diabetics should avoid large amounts of starch and sugar because of their effect on blood sugar. French fries and potato chips are off-limits which are sub sandwiches or other sandwiches with lots of bread. Also avoid high carbohydrate foods such as corn and rice or something that has been battered and deep-fried.

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