Rastafari Diets

Rastafari Diets
Rastafari Diets

Rastafari diets center on clean natural foods prepared simply without chemical additives artificial preservatives or processing. Most meat is forbidden but some fish are acceptable. Shellfish however is not. Rastafarians do not drink alcohol
Strict Rastafari diets are vegan and include most fruits and vegetables grains beans and legumes. The rule with fish is simple: it is allowed if the fish are under 12 inches in length. This is because Rastafarians believe that bigger fish is a symbol of the Babylonians who feed by others
Most strict Rastas avoid tea coffee and other stimulants -. Aside from marijuana which is considered necessary for spiritual enlightenment and meditation. The Rasta diet is officially called Ital derives from the word “vital” and interpreted from the biblical books including Genesis Exodus and Deuteronomy.
Any food grown locally natural and in season considered “Ital.” Coconut bananas callaloo (similar spinach) pimento and coconut oil are all staples Rasta foods. Some extreme followers of the diet can not eat food from a can or use metal cookware.”

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