How To Design Your Own Personal Trainer Schedule For Beginners

How To Design Your Own Personal Trainer Schedule For Beginners
How To Design Your Own Personal Trainer Schedule For Beginners

Many these days do not know where to start when it comes to creating a workout schedule. By reading this article you will know where to start when designing your own training plan based on your personal needs
do you need:!
. Stick-to-it attitude.
. . Access to fitness

– 1 –
Ask yourself the following questions: Do you want to lose gain or maintain weight? What obligations do you have on what time of day and on which days? (Bear in mind when you work you go to school your favorite TV show on which takes time on a weekly / daily) If you train for something in particular? Are there areas of your body you want to train more than others? (Gaining muscle lose flab make stronger)

– 2 –
When considering the above factors on what can affect your training plan you are ready to decide what kind of activities will consist in your practice.
Determine at least two if not three different cardiovascular activities you want something pleasure. The most popular is running because it works every muscle in your body most effectively. Other activities you do choose can be an aerobics class cycling elliptical machine swimming etc. Anything that gets your heart pumping.
If you are looking to get stronger and tone add weights to your routine. If you are overweight you will add muscles under the flab not do you much good at this point and focus on cardio is a must for you to lose inches.

– 3 –
Now it’s time to design individual workouts. Make yourself a few different types so you do not get tired of the same activities. Your complete exercise should be at least 30 minutes long but as a beginner no longer than 45 minutes. Always start with 5 minutes of cardio to warm up your muscles and stretch ending with 5 minutes of easy cardio to relax muscles and take your pulse down.
For cardio as a beginner start by 20 minutes of cardio plus five minutes of heating and 5 minutes of cool down = 30 minutes total. Be sure that no more than that but make sure your heart is pumping about average.
For weights review your goals. For toning workouts use a small amount of weight lifting with many repetitions (20-30). For strength training use a large amount of weight with low reps (8-12). You should do about 2-4 sets of each exercise.
You know you’re working too hard if it’s bad pain. You know you do not train hard enough if you do not feel the burn.” You should feel a burn of lactic acid being released in the last couple of repetitions in each set.

– 4 –

How much effort will the goals your needs? That is how committed are you? Some people can just squeeze into 3 days a week sessions. It is highly recommended that you do at least 5. When you place your training that you created in step 3 keep these rules in mind:
one. Never lift weights on two consecutive days especially as a beginner. There are exceptions but do not worry about it until you advance.
two. Mentally you will not be determined to go to the gym to do a workout you just did the day before. Mix it up!
Three. Avoid scheduling workouts you know you will not be motivated to participate. When you get into the habit of skipping workouts here and there you will eventually give up.
four. The best time of day to exercise is in the morning before breakfast. You will burn more fat since blood sugar is at least during this time.
five. MAKE IT FUN! Working out does not have to be a chore!

Tips and Warnings

For ultimate results change up your routine every 3 to 4 weeks. Human Body meets habit after this time. If you change your cardio activities or add resistance cardio or strength training you will burn more calories because your body is not use for difference.
As a beginner be sure not to start a routine for an hour straight cardio then a half hour with weights. You can not run before you walk. . . literally! Listen to your body if it says you do too much you are simply doing too much! Remember that if you do too much you may start to eat away muscle (which will make you worse) or you can even get hurt.”

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