How To Plan Body-for-life Meals

How To Plan Body-for-life Meals
How To Plan Body-for-life Meals

After Body-for-Life plan requires discipline because you will exercise six days a week and eat from a specific list of foods. Successful after eating plan will involve spending time each day planning and preparing meals containing foods from the Body-for-Life food list. Read on to learn how to plan for the Body-for-Life meals
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– 1 –
Know food on the Body-for-Life’s authorized foods list. You will eat it acceptable” proteins and carbohydrates each day.

– 2 –
Combine a carb and one protein to make a meal. Plan six of these small meals each day. Add vegetables to two meals and get at least one tbsp. unsaturated oil daily.

– 3 –
Get to the grocery store often. Make a list of what you need and only buy foods on your list.

– 4 –
Create a planning schedule. Plan an entire week at a time or take it one day at a time. Whatever you choose by budgeting time to plan you will be more likely to be successful.

– 5 –
Keep a journal of your activity while on the Body-for-Life plan. Write down what you eat at what time and follow it as closely as possible. Record sometimes you deviate from the plan.
Relax on your free day. Do not worry about planning meals that day but put it in your schedule. Knowing that your free day comes will help keep you on track the rest of the week.

Tips and Warnings

Grants are part of the Body-for-Life eating program. You are allowed-even encouraged-to eat meal replacement bars or shakes for one meal each day. It is not necessary to do so but a shake can help you squeeze six meals today.
If possible cleanse your closet for all temptations. Keep only foods from authorized list in the house and you will reduce the chances of cheating.
Do not forget to take your lifestyle into consideration. For example if your office has a pot luck today allows free day and enjoy then get back on track the next day.
If you are not a whiz in the kitchen buy Body-for-Life cookbook Eating-for-Life.” It is packed with meal ideas with authorized food so you have many tasty ways to stick to your eating plan.
Do not forget to drink water. At the Body-for-Life plan should drink ten glasses of water every day.”

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