Bilateral Cleft Palate

Bilateral Cleft Palate
Bilateral Cleft Palate

the roof of the mouth which is the nasal cavity called the palate. one cleft palate is an abnormal narrow opening between the nasal cavity and palate. Often it’s just one of those openings. if there are two holes on both sides of the mouth it is called a bilateral cleft palate. Sometimes this happens with a lip which is a gap in the lip that rises to the nose.
While the exact cause of a bilateral cleft palate is unknown it is probably influenced by genetic factors. a family history of this defect increases the risk of a baby being born with it. it is also possible that the condition is more likely to develop when the mother smokes drinks alcohol or takes drugs while pregnant. viruses and some medications can also increase the risk.
treatment for a bilateral cleft palate usually begin soon after the baby is born. this condition can usually be corrected by a series of operations. children who have a lip as well as the palate defect is likely to have surgery to repair lip First when they are about 10 to 12 weeks old. surgery on the palate usually takes place when the child is between six and 18 months old.
these surgeries performed while the child is unconscious under general anesthesia. repairing bilateral cleft palate the surgeon will manipulate tissue and muscles on either side of the gorges to draw the opening closed. Patients will usually need to stay in hospital usually two to three days.
depending on the success of the first operation the child may undergo additional procedures for further improvement. these operations can focus on the alignment of the jaw improving breathing and speech and cosmetic improvements. As your child grows his facial expressions legs also change. He may have to wait for a final operation until facial structure is fully developed.

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