Water While Dieting

Water While Dieting
Water While Dieting

Your body consists of about 70 percent water and you need to consume any liquids to survive even when you are sedentary. When you are dieting you should water intake go up to stave off hunger pains and keep energy levels high. As diet progresses water consumption even more important as a way to help the kidneys and the liver breaks down waste products from the elimination of fat and muscle
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Water serves many purposes during a diet. It will keep you from having intense food cravings by keeping you feeling fuller and it will help your organs break down fat. If you are on a high fiber or high protein diet you need to drink more water to push the waste out of the colon. The fact that water has zero calories will also help keep you from drinking liquids that have more than zero calories.
Water transports nutrients and waste from one part of your body to another and if you are on a diet this feature is enlarged. Water lubricates joints also and helps to maintain youthful skin. If you increase your water intake when dieting will help flush your system of fat and toxins.
According freedrinkingwater. com increase water intake lowers the amount of fat stored in your body. Drinking water also lowers the toxic load on the kidneys and liver and allows them to work more efficiently help with the breakdown of fat deposits.
You should drink six to eight tall glasses of water per day while dieting or half of your body weight in grams daily. If you are on an extreme calorie restriction or a high protein or high fiber diet you may need to consume up to your body weight in grams of water daily to continue to push waste through the colon and no cheating. According to F. Batmanghelidj in Your Body’s Many Cries for Water drinking diet soda as a substitute for water causes the body’s sugar receptors to open up leading to food cravings and possibly weight gain.
Water is the best fluid to drink while you are dieting as substitutes will contain calories sugar preservatives artificial sweeteners or caffeine (which dehydrates the body because of its diuretic effect). There is some debate about the health benefits of various types of water-tap water may contain chemicals but it is considered healthier than bottled water which is less regulated. Filtered and distilled water are cleaner but may not contain essential minerals. Alkaline water can be beneficial for dieters but no studies have confirmed the usefulness in this regard. Overall beverages of all kinds of water is good for your diet and your health.”

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