How To Pack A Healthy Brown Bag Lunch

How To Pack A Healthy Brown Bag Lunch
How To Pack A Healthy Brown Bag Lunch

If there is not much healthy lunch options available to you during the day do not pay for fast food. Why not create your own healthy brown bag lunch instead? It’s easier than you think to pack a tasty and nutritious gourmet spread to take to work. Here are some ideas for healthy eating while brown bagging it

– 1 –
Ditch the Chips.
Give the potato a break and explore the world of healthier snacks. A small bag of nuts may be the ideal heart healthy energy snack to get through a busy day. Create a packet of mixed nuts to go in brown bag or take a few nuts each day. Making nuts even more interesting bring spicy nuts or make your own at home with garlic onion powder cumin or chili powder. Other good potato chip replaces is digestives air popped popcorn or rice cakes dipped in salsa hummus or another low-fat dip.

– 2 –
Go Light on desserts.
If you fancy something sweet after lunch take a square of dark chocolate to enjoy. It’s full of heart healthy antioxidants. Just do not overdo it! Other options are a bit of angel food cake or a container of sugar free jello or pudding.

– 3 –
Revamp Sandwiches.
The same old sandwich every day can become monotonous. A sandwich is not the healthiest offering when you slather it in rich heavy mayonnaise. Give mayo a rest and spread spicy mustard or hummus on the sandwich bread. It will give you a different taste and will be lower in calories and more heart healthy. If you must use mayonnaise use a fat-free mayo that you’ve spiced up with some fresh garlic pesto or chipotle sauce. Do not forget that you can also use heart healthy salsa as a topping. Another way to revolutionize the sandwich and make it healthier is to substitute whole grain bread for over processed white bread. You’ll be increasing your fiber intake as well as to break the monotony of white bread sandwiches.

– 4 –
Add some vegetables.
Raw vegetables can be a bit boring but not when you add a delicious dipping sauce. Use nonfat cream cheese sour cream mayonnaise or making a heart healthy dip guaranteed to make these vegetables more palatable. There are many recipes on the Internet to inspire you. Another tasty option is to grill vegetables the night before and pack them in a plastic container for brown bag lunch. Grilling can add a whole new dimension to the taste of vegetables.

– 5 –
Try some exotic fruits.
You may need to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet but are a little tired of the traditional apple or banana. Why not try some of the more exotic fruits such as kiwi papaya lychee passion fruit or mango? These fruits are sure to tantalize your sleeping taste buds and will give you a bonus dose heart healthy antioxidants.

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