Eating Healthy Food At Taco Bell

Eating Healthy Food At Taco Bell
Eating Healthy Food At Taco Bell

The delicious smell of Taco Bell food will make you hungry time of day! However it can make you healthier too? Yes!
Many people think of Taco Bell’s famous yellow paper wrapped danger as a naughty late night snack or a bold impostor meal.
But health-conscious Taco Bell lovers no longer need to worry about limiting the number of times they hit the drive-thru window every week! Taco Bell has introduced a new line of tacos and burritos that swap greasy cheese and sour cream for a refreshing fresco salsa. Low calorie counter and delicious meat alternatives combine to make these Taco Bell newcomers a big hit!
With Taco Bell’s new healthy Fresco menu it’s easy and cheap to satisfy your cravings and feel great about fresh food intake!
do you need:
Your local Taco Bell restaurant
. A few dollars.
A refrigerated container of shredded lettuce.

– 1 –
Go to Taco Bell’s website and see Fresco menu. You will be shown 4 healthy taco with an average calorie count of around 170 and 4 healthy burritos with an average calorie count of around 330. I suggest you choose a Fresco taco and a burrito Fresco for your first healthy Taco Bell experience.

– 2 –
Then go into the kitchen and take a head of lettuce out of the refrigerator. Tear or shred it to as much salad as you would normally use in a large salad. Fill a portable container with shredded lettuce and cool it with the unused portion of the head.

– 3 –
Run to your local Taco Bell within the next day or so and bring the portable container of shredded lettuce with you in a refrigerated lunchbox. Pull into the Taco Bell drive-thru and order a Fresco taco and a burrito Fresco of your choice. Request a Spork. Add water if you want to be super healthy!

– 4 –
When you reach the pick-up window you need to double check contects of bag. You want to ensure that taco and burrito you receive is actually Fresco items. Be sure to check for Spork and ask for lots of taco sauce if you like it spicy!
Drive home or find a nice neutral place to eat such as an outdoor patio or inside the car. I recommend you do not eat inside at Taco Bell. You may be tempted to order some other items such as cheesy nachos if you spend too much time in it.

– 5 –
When you’re parked and ready to eat open your container of salad and pouring the contents of Fresco taco on top. Add taco sauce if you like it spicy! If you ordered a crunchy Fresco taco you can crunch the shell up and add to the salad!
Open your Spork dig in and enjoy! By the time you finish the salad you may be too full to even finish the whole Fresco burrito! If you can not eat all the delicious fresh Taco Bell food you ordered you can always save the remains of a late night snack!

Tips and Warnings

Always consult a physician before starting a diet and exercise or before trying new foods.

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