How To Follow The Dash Diet

How To Follow The Dash Diet
How To Follow The Dash Diet

The DASH Diet is an eating plan aimed at people who want to lower blood pressure. Studies have shown that people who follow the DASH Diet not only lower blood pressure but also their cholesterol

– 1 –
Learning to read food labels. This is the first step in following the DASH Diet. You want to check every food label to see what ingredients make up the product.

– 2 –
Choose your specific calorie amount for each day. The DASH Diet plan for people on a lower 1 600 calories a day diet and people at higher 2 000 calories a day diet.

– 3 –
Eat lots of whole grains. A person on the DASH Diet can have between 6 and 12 servings of grains someday. At least 3 of these grains should be whole grains.

– 4 –
Bring a good amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. You must have at least 4 servings of both fruits and vegetables every day.

– 5 –
Buy low-fat and non-fat dairy products. You can have two servings of dairy products each day but they should be low-fat.
Limit the number of sweets. If you want to follow the DASH Diet you are only allowed occasional sweet.

Tips and Warnings

Although the DASH Diet was not created for weight loss followers have found that they are losing an average of 10 pounds while on the diet.
DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.

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