What Is A Diet Drink?

What Is A Diet Drink?
What Is A Diet Drink?

Diet drinks are often used as a tool in weight loss and is seen as a healthier alternative than their sugar-filled counterparts. But recent studies show that many of the diet” ingredients used in the drink is anything but good for us
To drink or not to drink
Diet drinks are not all they are cracked up to be. Since 50% of diet soda consumers consume more than two cans a day is the medical industry are talking about whether we should consume them at all.
How Sweet It Is
With 49% of adults in the US Consumer diet soda it is clear that the demand for something sweet drink is large. But to maintain “zero calorie” claims without sacrificing flavor businesses must use substitutes for sugar. The main ingredient in most diet sodas is Aspartame a sugar substitute which has been speculated to cause damage to the brain and nervous system. Phosphoric acid is another essential ingredient. It is a chemical used to remove rust. And if it can do so many experts think it may damage the enamel on your teeth when consuming frequent. Some diet drink companies have introduced Splenda (or sucralose) as a natural replacement for the controversial Aspartame . But the jury is still out on what its long-term effects on the human body can be
A Bubbly Buzz
carbonation carbon dioxide is used to create effervescence we feel light bubbles that tickle our nose when we take a sip. Carbonation also contain a lot of sodium which is an ingredient most health conscious people try to avoid.
Caffeine is the stimulant used in soda to give us a bit of an energy boost.
By itself carbonation and caffeine are relatively harmless but if consumed in large quantities they can make us bloated gas nervous and trembling. It has been widely speculated that the carbonation and caffeine dehydrate the body but a recent article in the New York Times implies that researchers are looking to disprove this fact.
Drinking to Diet
Not all diet soft drinks are the same. When including a diet drink as a reduced calorie treat look for all-natural beverages such as soda Hansen. They contain less sugar replacements and synthetic syrup and other ingredients that are easily digested in the body such as fruit extracts.
best option
Diet drinks are a good replacement for beverages that are high in calories but only when consumed in moderation and not as a substitute for water or food.”

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