How To Get A Butt Like Jessica Biel

How To Get A Butt Like Jessica Biel
How To Get A Butt Like Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is one of the best actors today and everyone is checking out her amazing bod! She has muscular thighs legs and a tight ass! Everyone asks what Jessica Biel and her trainer doing and how she has gotten his fab body. Check out these top-notch exercises to build muscle get toned and lose extra body fat. ! If Jessica can do it so can you

– 1 –
Start with cardio. Do as much as half a kilometer jog every morning. Then find a track and do two 150m 200m and 100m sprints fast. Cardio is essential to burn fat off your body.

– 2 –
Remember to stretch before any exercise. One of Jessica favorite exercises is a walking-lung ranging glute and larger leg muscles. Pulmonary first left leg and then right. Try to do 7-10 repetitions per a leg.

– 3 –
Take up weight training. Only use light weights to avoid getting massive muscle mass. Lifting some weights over the shoulders and then try squats. Squats are fantastic for glutes and Jessica Biel follows a rigid routine.

– 4 –
Try plyometrics. This exercise can be a bit painful as you jump from a staircase of about 20 steps. You have to jump from first to third steps down in repetition-type leap frog with the frog. Make this activity only with the guidance of a trainer.

– 5 –
Do Russian twist waist and buttocks. Sit down carefully and then sit back just a little. Pick up a five-kilo medicine ball and twist from side to side. Have about three reps with 15 twists on each side.

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