How To Improve Everything With Vitamin D.

How To Improve Everything With Vitamin D.
How To Improve Everything With Vitamin D.

Vitamin D has received good reviews in the past and gain an understanding of the benefits of vitamin D may have in your life will help you use them. Vitamin D may improve your mood fight diseases and even help with weight loss. Most knew that vitamin D helped build strong bones but research has now discovered that you increase your vitamin D intake can prevent many types of cancer. Let’s find out how vitamin D may work for you
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It is not a well known fact but believe it or not vitamin D help assist in losing weight. When the weather is colder you are less likely to get out to exercise and soak in the sun. Had higher levels of vitamin D help assist in the regulation of appetite.

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Vitamin D will help to boost your mood. Higher levels of serotonin helps regulate mood. Keep vitamin D levels are high will keep serotonin high and this helps reduce depression.

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Building strong bones and to prevent osteoporosis is a major benefit of increasing your levels of vitamin D. Weak bones can make you susceptible to fractures and to avoid this to have the right amounts of vitamin D in the diet will create stronger bones.

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Vitamin D may boost the immune system to help you fight the flu and colds better. By keeping vitamin D levels are high you can prevent many colds being passed around.

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Research has found that people with higher levels of vitamin D have a lower risk of cancer such as breast ovarian colon and prostate. Your cells have receptors for those who have a place for vitamin D so this must tell us something about the necessity of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role in protecting their healthy cells and keep the risk of cardiovascular and auto immune diseases low.

How much vitamin D do you need? It used to be that 200-400 IUs of vitamin D was sufficient but new research discovered that even higher levels may be necessary. 1000 IUs a day is now a popular recommendation without getting toxicity and some experts even recommend 2000 IUs someday. To find out what is the right amount of vitamin D for you consult your physician.
Get vitamin D by eating fortified foods like cereal eggs yogurt milk and orange juice. Salmon and tuna are very rich in vitamin D. If you are unable to get enough vitamin D through your diet then add an additional 1 000 IUs someday.
Your body will make vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Drinking milk will help add vitamin D intake but the sun will boost vitamin D levels faster. Only 5-10 minutes without sunscreen for lighter skin tones are sufficient to get your vitamin D. For medium to darker skin tones 15-30 minutes is sufficient to get vitamin D. Always use sunscreen if you live out in the sun for extended periods of time. Always talk with your doctor to discuss the safest way for your body to get the right amounts of vitamin D through sun.

Tips and Warnings

Ask your doctor for a serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D test to find out what your blood levels of vitamin D is.

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