Protein Drink Diets

Protein Drink Diets
Protein Drink Diets

There is no doubt that a diet consisting solely of protein shakes will make you lose weight fast. But like most diets it has a few drawbacks. For one you can not survive on a diet of only protein shakes for very long. Also unless you drink the correct number of shakes you may be taking in more fat and calories than you would with a regular meal
Big Taste Low Fat
Perhaps the most appealing thing about a protein shake diet is taste. Most brands of shakes whether powder or liquid available in a variety of flavors including chocolate strawberry and vanilla. Apart from taste protein shakes are part-controlled meaning you get the recommended serving of nutrients than protein.

They also typically consist of a low amount of fat (if any) and calories (about 100 per serving) and hardly any sugar. The most nutritious they have a small fiber and plenty of antioxidants and vitamins.
Good to Go
If one protein drink meets the criteria above dieters can lose weight quickly and without feeling that they are starving themselves. As an added bonus this is a good diet if you’re on the move even powdered shakes only takes a minute or two to mix with water or low-fat milk and even less time to drink.

And while there’s probably not possible (or wise) for everyone to stay on a diet of nothing but protein shakes forever several come with detailed instructions on how to plan your meals when drink phase is finished.
Making the Switch
Turn the diet is never easy especially when you go from one consisting of actual meals to one that strictly involve liquid. Many protein shake dieters crave salt as they give up the sodium count of everyday foods. Plus there’s a good chance that you will feel very hungry in the first week.
Health Matters
There is also some debate as to whether or not a protein shake is completely healthy so nutritionists tend to recommend a balanced diet that is not so limited. Protein shake diets do not provide nearly as many vitamins and minerals you can get from everyday healthy foods like lean meats fruits and vegetables.
change Life
Living on protein shakes alone is difficult but with practice and discipline you can lose weight fast without feeling deprived. Mostly as with any other plan you must be willing to accept the lifestyle change that comes with a shake-only diet.

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