How To Stop Gaining Weight With Age

How To Stop Gaining Weight With Age
How To Stop Gaining Weight With Age

Increasing emphasis on each birthday seems to be a sign of getting older. Research has shown that it does not need to be. A few simple lifestyle changes can help. Maintain a healthy weight as you get older can help with other aging concerns such as heart disease and diabetes

– 1 –
Eat less as you age. Your metabolism slows as you age. You are no longer able to eat the same as you did when you 18. Cut your daily caloric intake by five to ten percent every couple of years.

– 2 –
Consume healthier food. Much of the weight gain as you age comes from consuming high-fat processed foods. You should eat healthy whole foods such as fish chicken egg whites and the like. Stay away from sugar and bread.

– 3 –
Exercise regularly. Americans become less active as they get older especially women. If you do not have a regular exercise program it is never too late to start. Even just walking around the block a few times is a start.

– 4 –
have realistic expectations. As we age it is harder to lose weight. You need to exercise more to lose as much weight as you did when you were younger.

– 5 –
Do strength training. The aging body loses cell structure which means you burn fewer calories. Strength training will help you to rebuild your cells so that you can burn more calories. Use light weights with more reps.
Increase your fiber intake. Keeping regularly will help stop weight gain. Boosting fiber levels are beneficial as we age. This may come from grain or bran muffins.
Stay active and eat right. Aging is inevitable. Finding a regular schedule of exercise and healthy eating will benefit you in more ways than keeping excess weight off.

Tips and Warnings

Join an exercise group or find a workout partner. It is easier to stay motivated with an exercise routine in a group.
Contact your primary health care provider before starting an exercise program. They will be able to give you suggestions and aims to promote a healthy weight.