How To Grow A Vegetable Garden

How To Grow A Vegetable Garden
How To Grow A Vegetable Garden

A vegetable garden is a great healthy way to grow your own food and is fun to do
do you need:!.
Patch of land Mobile Mince and / or tiller.
Seeds or vegetables to transplant.
Water source.
Time to get down and dirty !.

– 1 –
A soil test can usually be sent to local agricultural extension agency. This will tell you if your soil is more acidic or basic and will help you to know about Lyme or other material to be laid. Fertilizer is something that is great to add.

– 2 –
Secondly you need to get your tools together and begin to break up the country. Depending on the soil and size a hoe be just fine for the job. If there is a bigger piece a gas tiller may be necessary to save your back and arms!

– 3 –
Now you will get the vegetables and / or seeds getting ready to plant. It would be wise to get a chart showing when the right time to plant things in your area. The Ag Extension Agency should be helpful in this as well. Start making rows with pick yours. The package will advise you how many rows should be for specific plant.

– 4 –
After the rows are done planting vegetables and seeds according to the specifications on the package. Make sure they are far enough apart. Being too close will not allow for drug each plant needs.

– 5 –
A garden is said to need an inch of rain / water per week. A rain gauge can help you see exactly how much rain has fallen and if you need to supplement with water from a hose or pond.

Tips and Warnings

Bugs can be a problem. Depending on whether you are looking to grow an organic garden or not herbs can be planted around certain plants ward off unwanted insects. Seven dust is a good pesticide also watching.