How To Deal With Excess Skin From Weight Loss

How To Deal With Excess Skin From Weight Loss
How To Deal With Excess Skin From Weight Loss

After a long hard journey to reach your weight loss goals you may feel discouraged to see that you are left with sagging excess skin. This extra skin is especially common when people go through extreme dieting resulting in a rapid weight loss or when they see a surgical procedure to help achieve their ideal weight. The result can be frustrating but rest assured the extra skin produces less stress on the cardiovascular and metabolic system than fat. Try to handle the extra skin by keeping it moist and healthy. There are also ways to minimize the appearance
You need:. .
Low-fat nutritious food
Manuals or other strength training gear.
Belt or body-shaping product.

– 1 –
Maintain a low-fat diet and eat lean protein to minimize extra skin.

– 2 –

Keep your skin healthy by moisturizing daily with lotion and drink plenty of fluids. It is important to consume at least 8 cups of water each day. Proper hydration is always useful to look at the skin.

– 3 –
Develop and stick to a strength-building fitness routine. Weight training will allow you to tone the muscles under your skin which can improve the appearance of skin by taking away some of the sagging effect. If you’ve lost weight through diet alone you probably have lost muscle as well as fat. Through proper use of dumbbells and resistance-training machines you can help build back your muscle mass.

– 4 –
Add a cardio element to your fitness routine. Aerobic exercise in the skin by increasing circulation and encouraging blood flow.

– 5 –
hide the skin under your clothing using a belt or another body-shaping products. Spanx is a common brand that can help reduce the incidence of skin and smooth lines under clothing (see Resources below).
Research possibility of surgery often called liposuction to handle the excess skin. Surgery is the only method of permanently removing the skin but it is expensive and requires several weeks of recovery time. This should be your last option and you should carefully review each of the different procedures that are available to you at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website (see Resources below).

Tips and Warnings

If you plan to lose more weight you should consider slowing the rate at which you shed pounds. To lose weight over a long period can help the skin adapt better to loss. A general rule of thumb is to lose about 1 to 2 kg. one week.
Keep an eye on changes in your skin. Chafing can cause infections in humans forced to deal with excess skin after weight loss. Contact your doctor immediately if you are concerned.

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