What Is Corn Oil Made From?

What Is Corn Oil Made From?
What Is Corn Oil Made From?

Corn oil is a dark reddish yellow fat which is expeller pressing or hexane extracted from bacteria (starch) of corn kernel
. Germ
The corn germ contains 85 percent of the oil throughout the core with the remaining 15 percent spread in starchy starch.
No. 2 corn
Dent corn (# 2 Yellow corn) is the most grown last corn and has an oil content ranging from 2.7 percent to 4 percent.
Dent corn is used in food grade corn oil. Dent corn is named after dimple forming at the end of each core on the cob when the grain is ripe and dried.
Crude corn oil is refined in a process that includes being industrially degummed bleached de-waxed and deodorized to remove the odor and color of the original grain and produce a golden yellow liquid.
High oil yield
High oil yield grains were conventionally bred by Dupont to have greater bacteria (embryo) with an oil content ranging from 4.6 percent to as much as 8 percent but the corns used as livestock feed.
annual production
US production of corn oil was more than 2.3 billion pounds in 2005 with a national rate of about 28 cents per pound.
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