How To Start A Biggest Loser Contest

How To Start A Biggest Loser Contest
How To Start A Biggest Loser Contest

Has office school church or organization that wants to challenge each other with a biggest loser contest? ! Follow these easy steps and get your friends and family on the healthy way

– 1 –
Find a group of people interested in your work your community organization or church. The more people the greater the price you want. Work is a natural place for people to challenge each other!

– 2 –
Set parameters immediately.
$ 10. 00 per person or a reasonable amount. Always decide how the money will be divided up front. Winner takes all or reward first second and third biggest weight losers. Or Establish a kind of weekly rewards.

– 3 –
Determine how long the contest will last. Two to three months is a good average time for people to start losing weight.

– 4 –
Find a trustworthy person to be responsible for money and weigh-ins. This must be the same person and the same scale for all.

– 5 –
Share takeoff weight with the end weight and the percentage of that score. The one with the highest percentage of weight loss is the winner.
Share money a manner agreed

Tips and Warnings

This contest can be a great bonding experience with your colleagues or your friends. Money lost and competition can be a great motivator to get people on healthy track. Have fun!

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