How To Become A Locavore

How To Become A Locavore
How To Become A Locavore

A locavore is defined as a person who only eat food grown within a 100-mile radius. The purpose of this motion is to eat better tasting food reduce carbon emissions and keep money in the local community. Depending on where you live buying food from local sources may be a cheaper option than shopping in supermarkets. Even if you spend a little more your body and your planet will thank you
You need:.
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Plant a garden. . : The most local produce you can get comes from your own backyard. You do not have much soil. A 10×10 foot plot can produce enough vegetables for a family of four. . . In fact you probably have enough to can or freeze for the winter months
Become a CSA: CSA stands for community sponsored agriculture. The way it works is the beginning of the growing season buying a share or half share in a local farm. From about March to November you get a box or boxes of local produce. The produce is dropped off at places in the city where you live. You just have to pick it up. Some farms offer free shares in exchange for the hours worked on the farm. Most CSAs are certified organic. Some offer meat poultry and eggs
Shop at farmer’s markets :. . Go later in the day and sometimes you will find great deals. If the price is good buy more than you need and can or freeze the surplus.

Tips and Warnings

Eat what is in season.
Do not be afraid of a little dirt on vegetables.
Ask questions. You may be surprised to find that organic apple from Whole Foods traveled three thousand miles to get to the store.
Try new foods.
Remember that even if something is in a package and looks clean it can not be healthy. Trust your local farmer instead.