Tomato Soup Benefits

Tomato Soup Benefits
Tomato Soup Benefits

Eat some tomato soup and you eat a bowl full of health benefits. Tomatoes are chock full of healthy substances and when they are cooked they produce more healthy lycopene. So sit down with a bowl of tomato soup eat hardy and enjoy the taste and all the good you do for your body.
Helps people with Diabetes
According to the website World’s Healthiest Foods Tomato soup is a smart addition to diet if you have diabetes. Tomatoes contain chromium and this mineral helps in the regulation of blood sugar.
Reverses Damage from Smoking
Eating a bowl of tomato soup helps repair the damage caused by smoking. The main ingredients of tomato soup chlorogenic and coumaric acid helping to eliminate carcinogens.
Matches against cancer
Tomatoes contain lycopene. According to the Consumer this is an important ingredient in helping the fight against cancer. The tomatoes in tomato soup help men in their fight against prostate cancer. It also helps to protect the body against stomach cancer.
Bone Health Vision skin and teeth
If you want to take care of bones can tomato soup help. Tomatoes have vitamin K and calcium and if you make your soup with milk add even more calcium to your diet. Calcium and vitamin K help to strengthen your bones and may also help repair bones and teeth. Tomatoes also contain vitamin A which is important for maintaining healthy eyesight teeth skin and bones.
Helps strengthen heart
Tomato soup is rich in potassium and vitamin B. These two nutrients helps to lower blood pressure. According to the website Simple Health Cures can tomato soup help in preventing strokes and heart attacks. If you are on a low-cholesterol diet this soup also lower cholesterol.