Vegetarian Diet For High Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure

Vegetarian Diet For High Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure
Vegetarian Diet For High Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure

If you fight high blood pressure high cholesterol or heart disease dietary changes are often a first line of defense. While you can hear a lot of conflicting information about what diet is best more and more people are considering a vegetarian diet for cholesterol and blood pressure control. There are many varieties of vegetarian diet and smart food choices are important even if you do not eat meat. This is especially true if you use your diet to fight serious health problems
What is a vegetarian diet?
A vegetarian diet is one that avoids meat products. Someone who does not eat meat or poultry but eats fish and seafood is a pescetarian while vegetarians who avoid eggs milk products and other animal foods are vegan. Each of these varieties of vegetarianism can be healthy and provides an easy opportunity to create a diet that is naturally lower in fat and cholesterol than meat-free diet. Many vegetarians naturally eat more whole grains fruits and vegetables than people who eat more ordinary American diet.
According to the American Heart Association vegetarian diets are lower in fat cholesterol and saturated fats than nonvegetarian diets. Furthermore several studies have shown a lower risk of obesity coronary heart disease hypertension and diabetes in vegetarians than nonvegetarians. Remember that even a vegetarian diet can be unhealthy. Choose low fat foods eat a wide variety of foods and opt for low fat or fat free dairy products for a healthy balance and to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.
What do vegetarians eat?
If you choose a vegetarian diet to control high cholesterol and high blood pressure you can continue to eat a varied and exquisite diet. Consider ethnic food many of them are naturally vegetarian. Explore new vegetables and new ways to prepare vegetables. You can get protein from low-fat dairy products soy foods beans and legumes and small amounts of nuts as well as whole grains. There are many vegetarian cookbooks on the market ranging from gourmet alternatives to quick cooking healthy meals.