How To Make And Keep Track Of A Healthy Eating Plan

How To Make And Keep Track Of A Healthy Eating Plan
How To Make And Keep Track Of A Healthy Eating Plan

There are hundreds of gimicks and tricks to lose weight and eat healthy. One of the most successful is Richard Simmons Deal a meal. It goes by the Food Pyramid to tell how much of each type of food you should eat
You need:. .
A deck Mobile Field Tip Markers.
A wallet or folder to keep Cards.

– 1 –
Go to http: // www. MyPyramid. gov website.
Click on MyPyramid Plan to make your own daily schedule.
Download MyPyramid worksheet.
The goal is how many cards of each you should use in the next step. is
Grains and Meats Beans gram vegetables fruit and milk is copper.

– 2 –
Take deck and each card equal to one of the food groups. Such as Ace and King are Korn Queens be vegetables Jacks gets Fruita 10s be Melk 9s and 8s are meat and beans. For the amount of fat you are allowed to use 7s and 6s per teaspoon. Also take another two rows of cards like 5s and 4s to represent 8oz glass of water. Add a joker as a 100 calorie snack. 2s in the deck are for every 10 minutes of physical activity.
Take Felt tip marker and write on cards what they are for.

– 3 –
Carry your wallet / folder with you. When you’re done eating move cards represent the food you’ve eaten either from one side of the wallet to the other or turn them over to show they are finished. when you are done with the cards represents a food group you’re done eating food group for the day.

Tips and Warnings

For water drink tea or sugar drinks are acceptable substitutes.
Physical activity may be going up a set of stairs instead of using the elevator or some kind of training. Take a few extra loops through the aisles of the grocery store.
For vegetables and fruits are they now say to eat a rainbow. Vary them so you get green red orange yellow and purple markings.
Return to MyPyramid area that the body loses or gains weight and re-do your chart so you can catch up on your health.

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