Eating Healthy On Sbarro’s

Eating Healthy On Sbarro’s
Eating Healthy On Sbarro’s

Sbarro is perhaps not the first place that comes to mind when thinking about healthy restaurant options. Instead of fresh vegetables there are visions of piles of dough and cheese but with a bit of discipline and planning you can make healthy choices at Sbarro’s

– 1 –
Order a side item and nothing else. When eating pizza people tend to not realize how many calories they consume. We tend to think of slices uniformly the same size even though we know it’s not true. Having a page element such as a garden salad or pasta can help you maintain your sense of proportion.

– 2 –
Order pizza with half the cheese or no cheese. Most pizza places accommodate this request easily enough. If a green salad just is not going to soothe your grumbling stomach then goes the healthiest pizza route possible and stick to one or a limited number of slices. As far as orders go it’s a no-brainer that vegetables are a better choice than heavy meat. However the chicken meat topping a good source of lean protein.

– 3 –
Think positively. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when starting a healthy eating plan is the idea that healthy food has to taste bad. It’s a lie that to eat healthy be miserable and hungry. There are plenty of food options in places like Sbarro is both can fill you up and make your taste buds happy.

Tips and Warnings

If you order a salad ask for dressing on the side. Often people think they are eating a healthy meal because it’s a salad but do not realize how many calories they consume through the dressing.
Some of the healthier pizza options include mushroom pizza chicken and vegetables and tomato and basil pizza.
Do not go to Sbarro’s when you’re totally starved. A Caesar salad may not sound like it’s going to take place in the state and you may end up scarfing down tons of fatty goodness only to regret it later.