How To You Can Easily Get Protein In Your Diet Without Meat

How To You Can Easily Get Protein In Your Diet Without Meat
How To You Can Easily Get Protein In Your Diet Without Meat

We know that eating meat causes weight gain. We know that eating meat increases the risk of certain diseases. We know that eating meat is not good for you. But how do we get the necessary nutrients without eating meat

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Beans are a vegetable superfood. Beans are a vegetable because they come from plants. Unlike some other source of food beans have a unique combination of nutrients including vitamins minerals protien and fiber. For this reason beans are considered a superfood. So often we eat things that have no nutritional value and only add empty calories in our diet.

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USDA list Beans as a meat because they are so high in protien. The protein is so high in beans as they are listed by the USDA as a meat. The USDA makes even aware beans be a great source of protien if you are vegetarian. Only protiens is the fuel that makes visit our muscles. Although meat where thought by many to be the primary source of protein eat beans provide more protien from less without the negative side effects.

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eating beans lowers the risk of heart disease cancer diabetes obesity and other diseases. The nutrients found in beans are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals to fight and prevent heart disease cancer and diabetes and many other diseases. Many times our diets may be deficient in certain vitamins and minerals that we can meet by eating more beans. Different beans provide a variety of vitamins and minerals. So like fruit and vegetables variety is important.

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Eat Beans help you lose weight. Unlike other sources of protien beans are low in fat free of saturated fat and no cholesterol. How much weight can you lose be eating fat free beef every day (one serving beans).

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Here are some ideas to help you eat more beans. I love red beans and brown rice. Navy Bean Soup has been a family favorite for years. My wife loves to make a black eyed pea casserole. Many people eat pork and beans. Try the vegetarian style with onions and spices. What is your favorite pinto bean or lima bean right? Add kidney beans or garbonzo beans to your salad. The list can go on if you make an effort to have a portion prayers every day. Your body will love you for it.