Is Splenda Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Splenda Safe During Pregnancy?
Is Splenda Safe During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy many women find concern in most things relating to their health and nutrition. And with so many artificial sweeteners on the market today much of the focus has been concentrated on food and drinks containing them namely the products with the relatively newer ingredients like sucralose (or Splenda). So the long and short of it is there any real validity to these types of concerns
Depending on who you talk to or what you read that question among many others is still kind of up for debate. Not long ago as many of you may recall began studies linking certain artificial sweeteners with cancer. Some of these studies were later dismissed as false but it definitely puts a question in your mind which certainly adds weight to some concern. Currently considering the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) sucralose the generic name for Splenda safe for all to use and which also includes women who are both pregnant or breastfeeding.
What does this really mean to you? Well if you are someone who uses sucralose on a daily basis it is said to be harmless to eat while pregnant. Although something of an artificial species should really be used sparingly. When pregnant most doctors recommend a healthy diet filled with nutritious more natural foods fruits vegetables lean meats whole grains and so on.
On some occasions pregnant women will actually experience any illness or fatigue when consuming products containing sucralose. If this happens to you just remove it from your current diet. You will likely feel a change in your condition within a day or two. After pregnancy you may feel the need to use it again but you do not have to. Again it’s entirely up to you.
When you find out you are pregnant it is recommended of course that you see a doctor. At that time you should discuss with her diet including how much sucralose you eat on a daily basis if any. She will be able to advise you on how much is an appropriate amount for your body.
Again sucralose (or Splenda) is justifiable by the FDA to be used during pregnancy as it has no effect on the blood. It is commonly found in baking mixes icings sauces syrups beverages like soda juice coffee and tea sweets dairy desserts and sugar substitutes. If you try to avoid artificial sweeteners make a habit of reading the ingredients on the box.

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