Information About Calcium Lactate Works In The Body

Information About Calcium Lactate Works In The Body
Information About Calcium Lactate Works In The Body

Calcium lactate
Calcium lactate is a dietary supplement that is found in both pill and liquid forms. . This dietary supplement used to promote strong bones and good health. It is also used to reduce phosphate levels and can be found in most antacids. It can be purchased as an over-the-counter medications or prescription form for those who suffer with low calcium levels or those suffering from ailments that require a higher dose than what is available in over-the-counter medications.
Cause of calcium deficiency
stomach acid is necessary to break the otherwise insoluble food so the food is nutrients can be absorbed into the body. Age and some diseases inhibit the absorption of nutrients which then leads to a deficiency. This is the case in those who suffer from calcium deficiencies.
Active and passive absorption Websites
At the beginning of the small intestine is known as an active transport site.” This is where most of calcium lactate that is taken into the body is absorbed. This particular location in the body can only absorb between 225 and 450 mg of calcium at one time. If your body has already taken in adequate amounts of calcium your body will not absorb supplement from this small intestinal area.

If calcium lactate is not absorbed by the active transport area it raises it to the end of the small intestine known as “passive diffusion site. “The lower part of the small intestine has the highest level of pH which stands for hydrogen ion concentration. The lower part of the small intestine is where the greatest amount of calcium that is absorbed at an average of 48 percent.
Absorption of Colon
After leaving the small intestine the calcium lactate into the colon. Here are probiotics which are live bacteria enhanced by calcium which in turn will reduce intestinal pH. This process allows more soluble calcium allowing more calcium to be absorbed through the intestine.
Unused Calcium leaves the body
Calcium after absorption has taken place from these three locations are distributed throughout the body to specific areas that require calcium element to maintain proper health. After soluble calcium has traveled through the body and absorption has been achieved the excess calcium lactate that was not necessary or not absorbed will be excreted through the kidneys.
Calcium lactate which has the lowest elemental weights has the highest solubility factor. Calcium must be dissolved to pass through and be absorbed in the main places absorption in the intestine to maintain and promote good health. Certain diseases and disorders can inhibit proper absorption of calcium lactate. Medications can also inhibit the absorption of calcium lactate or calcium lactate supplement can affect medications. Talk to your doctor before beginning a regimen of calcium lactate supplement.”