How To Get In Shape And Lose Weight By Going

How To Get In Shape And Lose Weight By Going
How To Get In Shape And Lose Weight By Going

Walking is a simple exercise to help people achieve a good shape and can be a great help in any weight loss program. The program outlined below is flexible and can be customized to your particular circumstances. Remember to empty exercise or plans with your doctor before you start
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Your first decision will be where to go and when. A key criterion is your absolute physical security. Do not ever go ride on roads you do not know or alone at night or in secluded areas of yourself. The three safest places to go are at home in a mall or on a treadmill in a gym. Gym membership is good but they cost money so do not get unless you can easily afford. When to go is important. Choose a time when you are sure that you can actually do it.

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Other important decisions about training involve frequency duration and intensity. Generally speaking you should start slowly and gradually work up to these programs if you can: 30 minutes aerobic walk (not counting warm up and cool down time) five times a week at a moderate intensity (no huffing and puffing). Eventually you will reach an aerobic pace of 4.0 miles per hour or faster. Do not start out on that pace! You have to work up to it over a period of weeks and months.

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Consistency is key. So the frequency is the most important variable when you start your conditioning program. You need to take time for it and then hold out until it is an ingrained habit and you rely on the thrill of being and staying fit. On the way you will burn calories that will help in weight control or weight loss if you restrict your calorie intake as well.

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Walking has the lowest incidence of damages of any aerobic conditioning exercise. Just watch where you’re stepping. If getting out of the house is an obstacle or if there is no safe place to go outside consider waling inside the pace of exercise videos that Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds Series. In any case go at your own pace as you slowly get fit and pounds begin to melt away.

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It is shown that walk with a friend or family member helps accordance with a training program. Perhaps this would be a good route for you to travel along with anyone else! If so take the initiative and recruit another person to begin to walk with you this week!
You should warm up at a slow walking speed for at least five minutes before you reach your condition pace. You should also cool down for five minutes at slow speed for your condition pace . . This allows the heart rate and respiratory rate to gradually return to near normal
See the Resources section for an article about the health benefits of going so well for articles summarizing recommendations on physical activity from definitive sources-American Heart Association and American College of Sports Medicine. Good luck with your walking program!

Tips and Warnings

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You can do it ! Just do go a priority in your life and get started.
Maintain an exercise log to record the dates and times you have gone duration of trips and the distance if applicable. This will be a great motivational tool as your better conditioning is documented.
Always get medical clearance from your doctor before starting an exercise program.