Pressure Ulcers

Pressure Ulcers
Pressure Ulcers

they are best known as a pressure sore or bedsore. the more official medical designations are bedsores or decubitus ulcers. No matter what you call them pressure ulcers are a potentially serious health risk especially for those who are confined to a bed or wheelchair. wounds are easily treatable if identified early but if allowed to progress unchecked they can cause very serious consequences.
one pressure sores are mild but it can also be very dangerous. in minor cases when wounds detected early can damage remain confined to the skin and the tissue just below. However if undetected or untreated the wound worsen and grow. it can easily expand and deepen until it reaches the muscles or in the most serious cases bones. One of the biggest risks of pressure sores come from the high risk of infection.
The first sign of a pressure ulcers generally involves pain and skin discoloration. those who suffer from diabetes or circulatory disorders should be more aware of the likelihood than the general population. at least necessary processing as soon as a pressure sores make themselves visible.
a person dealing with pressure ulcers should change positions at least once every two hours and must avoid lying sitting or standing in sores. additional pressure will only exacerbate the problem and slow the healing process. wounds should also be kept clean cleaned regularly with a salt-water solution and covered with a gauze. dead tissue around the wound must be washed out or cut away. this can be a painful process and sometimes requires the help of a nurse or doctor.
infection from a pressure ulcer can easily spread to other parts of the body leading to a number of problems. at worst an untreated wound be a contributing factor to a fatal conclusion. from 1950 was pressure ulcers one of the leading killers of patients who had been hospitalized for unrelated ailments.

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