How To Create A Healthy Chinese New Year Gala Dinner

How To Create A Healthy Chinese New Year Gala Dinner
How To Create A Healthy Chinese New Year Gala Dinner

The Chinese New Year celebration lasts for a few days and cooking is an important part of the festivities. It is a time for renewal and start over for the coming year. Much of the time used to visit the homes of family members friends and colleagues to renew old friendships or forge new connections. Banquets and elaborate dinners are prepared in advance to welcome in one of the most important periods in the Chinese lunar calendar.
Here I will give some advice to prepare healthy Chinese New Year dishes.
You need:
Olive oil
. Ginger and garlic.
Bok choy.
Sugar peas.
Long beans.
Chinese cabbage.
Steamed chicken.

– 1 –
Bring a healthy vegetable dish that consists of a variety of vegetables such as peas Chinese cabbage long beans and bok choy in Chinese New Year dinner. Stir fry the ingredients in a wok with a little olive oil and add slices of ginger or garlic for extra flavoring.

– 2 –
Presenting a meat dish as part of Chinese New Year menu. Try to avoid oily and greasy meat for example duck or pork. It is better to have lean white meat dishes to help reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. A popular Chinese meat dish is steamed chicken served with crushed ginger and onion sauce. Chinese cooks will usually slow cook whole chicken in a steamer pot and chop the cooked meat into small bite-size portions. To make ginger and onion sauce finely chop then mix several large onion garlic clove and spring onion in a bowl. Add several tablespoons of fine quality olive oil and let it stand overnight before serving.

– 3 –
Bring seafood as part of your New Year dinner or banquet. Chinese chefs prefer to pick their own fresh seafood at the local Chinese supermarkets on the day they plan to celebrate. The local Asian markets have a large selection of various seafood available including shrimp and crab which is the favorite New Year dishes. It is healthiest to steam or bake in the pots. Tomato king prawns and steamed crab with ginger are perennial Chinese New Year favorites. Steamed or baked fish is healthy to low calorie choices also on the menu.

– 4 –
Server fruits along with main dishes as decorative pieces and desserts. Oranges are served at the end of a Chinese meal. It is easy to put together a Chinese fresh fruit salad and serve as a healthy dessert. Use popular Asian fruits such as lychees mangoes and Myrica Rubras.

Tips and Warnings

Serve healthy low calorie Chinese fruit drinks or herbal Chinese tea with dinner.
Do not forget to give laicee ( lucky money”) packages to single members of the dinner party. It is part of the Chinese New Year tradition and means good fortune in finding a spouse.
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