Correlation Between Adhd And Hyperactivity

Correlation Between Adhd And Hyperactivity
Correlation Between Adhd And Hyperactivity

Many people diagnosed with ADHD are considered hyperactive or impatient people. That is because both attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity cause a person to have a short attention span. These people enjoy the stimulation and anxiety that accompanies a constantly changing environment.
hyperactivity with ADHD are often caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. the three primary colors chemicals which control mood and impulses dopamine serotonin and noradrenaline. These chemicals can be controlled with antidepressant drugs which can manipulate the amount of chemicals released during the day.
learning organization skills is an important treatment for ADHD and hyperactivity. People suffering from this disorder have a hard time focusing on a specific task for a longer period. By learning organization skills for this type of person he can gain control over their day.
homework and study are two of the most difficult tasks for a child suffering from ADHD. this can also be treated through behavioral therapies. doing homework in five-minute intervals with an alarm clock could make it easier for your child to focus during a homework session. as he gets comfortable with five minutes study time may increase.

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