About Vitamins

About Vitamins
About Vitamins

Along with carbohydrates fats proteins and minerals vitamins are essential nutrients that allow the body to function properly. We can get many of our daily doses of vitamins from the food we eat but others must be taken in supplement form to get the full effect. With the addition of vitamins to a healthy diet people are able to have a healthier life and live longer than ever before
Vitamins are organic compounds required by living organisms to perform processes of life. While some animals need more or different vitamins than others people require the greatest amount of different vitamins for healthy living. Vitamins perform many tasks in the body ranging from hormone triggers of antioxidants to co-enzymes that help with metabolism. Each set of various vitamin compounds performing another task when integrated into the body.
Figuring out which vitamins are essential for the body’s functions has been an ongoing process. While often not it was known that a certain vitamin was responsible for curing a disease or strengthening the body food rich in vitamins often prescribed as cures-even though the doctors back then did not know it was vitamins do hardening. For example ancient Egyptians often prescribed a diet high in liver for those who suffered from night blindness. But today we know that this is because the liver is rich in vitamin A a vitamin that helps with eyesight
There are many different types of vitamins ;. Most were discovered or at least identified in the early 1900s. In 192C vitamin A was (retinol) first vitamin discovered. Vitamin C an important vitamin through the history of world exploration because of its association with scurvy was not discovered until 1912. Fortunately people had been eating fruits with high amounts of vitamin C to prevent scurvy before vitamin C was discovered. Vitamin B9 (folic acid) discovered in 1942 was one of the last vitamins discovered. Vitamin B9 is very important for fetal development.
The lack of vitamins can have a profound effect on the human body. For example in case of scurvy lack of vitamin C cause teeth to fall out and other cruel conditions of the skin and bone eventually leading to death. Lack of vitamin B in the diet for some Asian cultures causes the disease known as beriberi another deadly disease. The lack of vitamin B12 known for his role in supplying energy can create pernicious anemia. This disease has many different symptoms but most major is severe fatigue.
Today there are established guidelines on amounts of specific vitamins that people need every day. The recommended daily allowances are selected so that the body to perform at its optimum capacity and so that diseases caused by deficiency of these vitamins can be avoided. Most doctors believe that if you eat a completely balanced diet full of vegetables fruits meat and grains you will get all the vitamins you need for a day. If your diet is less than balanced a multivitamin make sure you get all the vitamins you need to be healthy.