How To Break Free From The Scale

How To Break Free From The Scale
How To Break Free From The Scale

The dreaded bathroom scale can be your worst enemy when it comes to tracking progress in fitness.
This is how and why you should throw the scale and still tack progress on something that will not wreck your feelings and self-esteem

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The first is to recognize that how your body looks have little to do with weight. You know those guys at the carnival who get paid to guess you weight? The reason it is such a huge attraction is because it’s really hard to look at someone and tell what they weigh based on appearance. So if you are focused on changing the look use a mirror instead of a scale. A mirror will show how you look and look but a scale have no clue.

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Conductor most do not want to lose weight. What people really want is to lose fat. Sure fats have weight but it makes all other aspects of your body. In fact of the three physical components that contribute to weight change (Fat water and fat free mass) fat is the lightest one by volume. In this way the scale the least accurate way to measure what you really want to change.

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The third thing to remember is that your weight will naturally fluctuate throughout the day. These fluctuations have almost nothing to do with how much fat on your body or how you look. How ever if you check the weight many times you can fool yourself into thinking these fluctuations may actually mean something. This can set you up for daily and weekly emotional roller coaster rides of guilt and pressure that ultimately comes from a number that has little to do with what you actually want.

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realizing these things the first thing to do is to literally get rid of the scale. Unless you are in a sport that you really need to know how much you weigh you do not need a scale. Then sell it burn it crush it or just throw it away.

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The next step is to apply a method to measure the progress you want to track. If you try to change your look take a picture of yourself and deal with it on your mirror. If you want to reduce body fat levels a simple body composition test done at your local gym or doctor’s office. If you are looking to physically be less or stock then measure the size of different parts of your body. Whatever you use make sure there is an accurate way to measure what you really want.

Tips and Warnings

Start looking at speech when it comes to the changes you want to do well. Instead of saying I want to lose weight” say “I want to tone my legs shrink my stomach ect. ”