Grits Nutritive

Grits Nutritive
Grits Nutritive

Grits are made of painted hominy or corn. A classic Southern comfort food they can be a healthy addition to your diet as long as you keep topping light
A 1-cup serving of prepared noodles boiled in water is around 143 calories. If you cook with butter or milk you need to factor in the extra calories and nutritional content details.
Grits is a very low fat foods with less than one gram of fat per 1-cup serving.
When cooked without salt grains have no sodium. If you cook noodles with the recommended amount of salt or if you cook pre-seasoned noodles they contain about 540 mg sodium.
Grits is high in carbohydrates with a 1-cup serving contains 31 grams of carbohydrates which is 10% of the recommended daily intake. They are low in fiber with only 1 gram per prepared cup.
Any additional ingredients containing a 1-cup serving of groats 3 grams protein.
other Nutrients
Grits are high in folate with a cup providing 20% ??of the recommended allowance. They are also a good source of iron niacin riboflavin selenium thiamin and vitamin A.