What Foods Increase Metabolism?

What Foods Increase Metabolism?
What Foods Increase Metabolism?

There are many ways for people to lose weight including a look at how many calories you consume and exercise. But some people do not understand that some foods can actually increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories when you are not exercising. Of course this is not a foolproof way to release a significant amount of pounds but for some people every little bit counts
General guidelines
Before getting into what foods will actually increase your metabolic rate you must follow a few other guidelines for your diet to help you along the way. First and foremost do not eat will actually reduce metabolism due to a process called thermal effect of food (TEF). According Clinical Nutrition Research Unit at the Vanderbilt University the TEF defined as an increase in metabolism during digestion of food. Dietary fat is easy to digest so it will only increase your metabolism slightly while protein is the most difficult to digest. According to Laurie Hedlund LPN it is also important to note that if you reduce calories drastically your body will actually slow down metabolism to compensate for the loss. Consider eating at 6 small meals a day to keep your metabolism both reinforced and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Green Tea
Green tea is not just a food” but is an effective way to boost your metabolism. Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which speeds up the brain and nervous system and burns more calories
This vegetable is high in two key ingredients :. Vitamin C and calcium. Calcium is a metabolic trigger causing an increase in metabolism and vitamin C actually helps absorb more calcium. A perfect combination!
jalapenos contain capsaicin which causes the body to burn more calories than usual even hours after you ingest them. Capsaicin speed of both the heart and circulation.
Apple Grapefruit
Apples and grapefruit are high in fiber which is harder for the body to digest. The more work it is to digest the more calories you burn in the process.
packed with protein and carbohydrates lentils take longer to digest you burn more calories in the process.”