Platelet Disorders

Platelet Disorders
Platelet Disorders

platelet disorders are medical conditions involving the platelets a blood component that is critical for hemostasis as well as many other body functions. there are a large number of matters that fall under the umbrella of platelet disorders and there are a number of reasons for such conditions. When patients are diagnosed with a condition associated with platelets there are several options that can be used to solve the state and its underlying cause.
Problems with function as Bernard- Soulier disease and von Willebrand disease involving platelet number that is normal with a problem in the basic function of platelets. These conditions are often genetically involves an error encoded protein but they can also be obtained.
if a patient has a suspected blood platelet disorder he or she will usually be referred to a hematologist a doctor who specializes in diseases of the blood. the hematologist may recommend further testing to find out more about the patient’s suffering and the possible causes including blood tests bone marrow tests and genetic testing. when the condition is diagnosed the doctor can decide what treatment would be most appropriate.
in the case of congenital conditions it may not be possible to cure platelet disorders but the conditions can be controlled so that they are less likely to interfere with the quality of life for the patient. second platelet disorders can be solved by treating an underlying cause. the patient may be required to participate lifelong appointments with a hematologist to look for early signs of changes and develop complications that may indicate a serious problem pops up.

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